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Nuclear Power Plant Air-Cleaning Units and Components (N509 - 2002)


In-Service Testing of Nuclear Air Treatment, Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems (N511 - 2007)


ASME Sec VIII Div. 3 2019 PDFدانلود استاندارد

BPVC Section VIII-Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels Division 3-Alternative Rules for Construction of High Pressure Vessels

This Division of Section VIII provides requirements applicable to the design, fabrication, inspection, testing, and certification of pressure vessels operating at either internal or external pressures generally above 10,000 psi.  Such vessels may be fired or unfired.  This pressure may be obtained from an external source, a process reaction, by the application of heat from a direct or indirect source, or any combination thereof.  Division 3 rules cover vessels intended for a specific service and installed in a fixed location or relocated from work site to work site between pressurizations.  The operation and maintenance control is retained during the useful life of the vessel by the user who prepares or causes to be prepared the design specifications.  Division 3 does not establish maximum pressure limits for either Section VIII, Divisions 1 or 2, nor minimum pressure limits for this Division.  Rules pertaining to the use of the UV3 ASME Product Certification Marks are also included.